Clover Bankruptcy Services

Virtual Bankruptcy Paralegals with over 20 Years of Experience in Chapter 7 & 13 Case Preparation & Filing


  • Petitions and documents 100% guaranteed, our goal is to always exceed expectations
  • Debtor satisfaction 100% guaranteed
  • Over 20 years of experience with a bankruptcy attorney preparing and filing 20 - 40 bankruptcies per month
  • Certified VBA through and member NSVBA
  • Specializing in Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcies
  • Knowledgeable from inception to discharge.
  • Ability to recognize problems and offer solutions
  • You can streamline your operation and increase profits
  • Outsource a time consuming, labor intensive process
  • Control costs with set fees
  • Increase client referrals
  • Experienced in Means Test Evaluation, Lien Stripping, Lien Avoidance, Dismissals, Converstions, Modifications, Objections
  • Using a VBA is good for the environment

Clover Bankruptcy Services offers to you the confidence that your clients will receive the highest quality services with compassionate and caring professionalism.

Clover Bankruptcy Services is NOT a law firm. We do not provide legal advice or
representation. We are a service provider for licensed attorneys, working under the supervision of licensed attorneys, and do not work for the general public.

              "An experienced bankruptcy assistant is like a Four Leaf Clover, 
                                     hard to find and lucky to have!"

Clover Bankruptcy Services

P.O. Box 203 
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

(510) 913-2323
FAX (510) 372-0209

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