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About Us

For over twenty-five years we have worked for  high-volume bankruptcy attorneys located in the San Francisco Bay Area preparing and filing both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.  We, also, are certified through NSVBA, National Society of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants, in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition preparation.

We specia
lize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases for the Northern and Eastern District of California.  We are knowledgeable in all aspects of casework, such as feasibility issues, exemption/asset risk analysis, means test issues, tax dischargeability, lien avoidance, objections to confirmation, lien stripping, conversions, dismissals and trustee requirements  

Our commitment to your firm includes ongoing legal education.  We regularly attend seminars, conferences, conventions to keep abreast of important case law and trends, and the practical implementation of new rulings and procedures.

It is our goal to assist your firm by providing high quality, cost effective case preparation and to always exceed your expectations.

Clover Bankruptcy Services

P.O. Box 203
San Lorenzo, CA 94580



Clover Bankruptcy Services offers as much or as little support as you require. The following are some of the services provided:

  • Chapter 7 & 13 petition preparation
  • Chapter 13 plans
  • Emergency petition preparation and filing 
  • Due diligence research, including all three credit reports
  • Ensure §727 Means Test compliance
  • Monitor pending foreclosures
  • Prepare waivers and declarations
  • Obtain required documentation from clients
  • Advise attorney of issues and offer possible solutions based on experience
  • File cases with court using Best Case Solutions Software 
  • Stop trustee sales, repossessions, wage attachments and bank levies.
  • Send 341 letter to client with copy of filed documents
  • Advise attorney of 341 date and forward case summary
  • Send required documents to trustee
  • Prepare Amendments, Motions, and Notices 
  • Resolve objections to confirmation
  • Satisfy FMC requirement
  • Client Questionnaire & checklist provide upon request with your name on all forms
  • Secure file transfer and location

The prepared petition or documents will be e-mailed to you either using Best Case or PDF format for your review. Once reviewed and returned for any adjustments, the petition is completed for your client's signature. My fee is paid once you are 100% satisfied with the prepared unsigned petition.

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