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Clover Bankruptcy Services offers attorneys virtual bankruptcy paralegals specializing in consumer bankruptcy with experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies from inception to discharge.   We began Clover Bankruptcy Services, "CBS", to offer you our experience as  bankruptcy paralegals without being part of your staff, allowing you to streamline your operation and increase profits.  Best virtual bankruptcy assistants in the business.

When the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 went into affect, the time to prepare a bankruptcy petition greatly increased.  Prior to October 17, 2005, a typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition would take 2 – 3 hours to complete and prepare for filing, that same petition now takes a minimum of 7 - 9 hours Training and hiring employees, even with "some bankruptcy experience" is time consuming and costly, and maintaining a full-time staff can be prohibitively expensiveTime is money, CBS, allows you to outsource a time consuming, labor intensive process while reducing overhead. 

You can control costs and save money as CBS is responsible for  our own supplies, software, salaries, payroll taxes and insurance.  You are not paying for our coffee breaks, personal calls, internet searches or worrying if the work getting done when you are away form the office.  We charge a flat fee is charge for case preparation, which you do not pay until your are 100% satisfied with the documents.  We charge a flat rate fee so it is easy to take into consideration when setting your fees with clients. 

CBS is not restricted by what is considered a normal workday.  This allows the flexibility to contact clients, with your permission, early mornings, evenings, and weekends.  
Normally, office staff juggles a heavy workload and sends a letter instead of a telephone call.   This delays the process and potentially your fee.  Contacting the client during the petition preparation process is essential to clarify information or obtain missed information and required documents.  When completed CBS provides you with an accurate bankruptcy petition ready for the client’s signature.  An added benefit it that by working directly with clients your office telephone calls are reduced.


You and your staff have many interruptions throughout the day, telephone calls, client drop-ins, questions from staff or co-workers, e-mails and although these are a necessary part of any office, too many interruptions equals loss of revenue.  Studies have shown interruptions affect the quality, quantity, and accuracy of work product and may take an individual up to 30% longer to accomplish a task. 


With lengthened preparation time and unsatisfied clients, you may not only lose a client but any referrals from that client.  By using CBS, you will have satisfied clients and referrals from those clients, which can add up to 30 - 50% of your business. 

CBS offers to you the confidence that your clients will receive the highest quality services with compassionate and caring professionalism. 

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